4 office cultures you should be aware of in the Netherlands

The culture of every country is different. Even the work culture may vary from one country to another. When you get a job in a new country, you should learn about the culture of your new office so that you can get adjusted to your new workplace easily. In the Netherlands, the following practices exist in offices.

No demonstration of authority

Unlike other countries, there is no demonstration of authority in the workplace. The team leader collaborates with the team members to get a work done. You will be responsible for your own task. You will find yourself doing many tasks without the supervision of your senior management. There won’t be any bossing around in the office.

Everyone’s voice is heard at a meeting

In an office meeting, everyone has the right to speak and make comments on the presentation. The audiences’ feedback is highly regarded. This often has a bad side. It becomes difficult to come to a consensus when a decision has to be made.


You are always expected to be punctual at work. In some parts of the country, you can be late for up to 15 minutes, but in Amsterdam and other important cities, it is the office culture to be right on time always.

Working overtime is not appreciated

In some countries, the more hours you work the more your work will be appreciated. This is not the case for the Netherlands. Here, if you work beyond your schedule then it will be assumed that you have a planning problem.

Remembering these work cultures will help you to adapt to the new work environment faster. You should change your habit and try to blend with the new workforce.