3 things you should know about the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the best countries in Europe to live in. If you are not enjoying life in your current country of residence, then you can think of relocating in the Netherlands. It’s a country of dream and hope. But before you move in you must know some important things about the country that will help you decide whether you are making the right move or not.

1. Climate

Climate is an important factor to consider when you decide to relocate. Some countries have extreme weather conditions and many people find it difficult to adjust to such harsh weather. Fortunately, the Netherlands has a temperate climate. So, you will experience mild winters and cool summers. Pleasant weather is one of the main reasons why people choose to live in the Netherlands.

2. Society

In the past, the Dutch society had religious groups. Each group had its own trade unions, schools, clubs, etc.  Now, there are two major religions that people follow: the Roman Catholic and the Protestant. The strict religious culture no more exists in the society. You will find Muslims, Hindus, and Jews also living along with the Christians in harmony.

3. Transportation

The country has a strong system of transportation. There are buses and railways connecting different cities. You can even go to different European countries using the rail. Flights to nearby countries only take a few hours. The most amazing thing about the Netherlands is that most people use bicycles as their primary transportation. It helps to keep the environment free from pollution and also keeps people in good health. They don’t have to worry about the traffic and can reach their office on time.

The Netherlands is a wonderful place to start your family. You will have a safe neighborhood to live in and top quality education system to raise your kids. With a temperate climate, friendly neighborhood and good transportation system, you will be able to lead a very comfortable life here in the Netherlands.