Importing Car

3 things you should know if you decide to bring your car to the Netherlands

When people relocate, they bring their belongings along with them. There are some precious things that they cannot leave behind. Your favorite car or motorcycle is one of them. So, if you have a car or motorcycle that you want to bring to the Netherlands, then you should know these three things.

You require permit

You need a permit to import your car to the Netherlands. If you have been a resident of EU then you will get a free-of-tax registration. But if you are coming from a non-EU country then you have to report about the car to the customs and give the appropriate tax.

Pay road tax

If you come from an EU country, you should pay the road tax after you arrive. But if you come from a non-EU country, you should first get your vehicle registration certificate. After that, you must pay the road tax.

Get insurance

You won’t be able to drive the car unless you obtain insurance. There are many third party insurance providers. You should get an insurance for your car immediately.

Sometimes, it can be less expensive to bring your previous car along with you rather than buy a new one. But you should know these rules so that you don’t get into any trouble after bringing your car to the new country. You should apply for the permit well ahead so that you can get time to arrange the necessary papers. It will also speed up the process and you will be able to drive your car on the road shortly after you reach there.